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Gongshu district, Hangzhou rongxin, century financial services is a company in accordance with the CBRC and the people's Bank, approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Government Finance Office, registered in the trade and Industry Bureau to set up a new loan company. Hangzhou medium-and long-term loan, and Hangzhou low rate loan, and Hangzhou venture loan, and Hangzhou mortgage consumption loan, and Hangzhou short-term borrowing, and Hangzhou short-term loan company, and Hangzhou needed small loan, and Hangzhou needed money small loan, and Hangzhou consumption loan, and Hangzhou personal consumption loan thaw letter century financial service company to District Government for relies on, joint district well-known Enterprise common investment formed, is Gongshu district within first home financial class small loan company. Company "based in Gongshu arch arch Shu, Shu, and service development" ...

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